Advantages of Online Billing Service and Billing Software

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Published: 03rd August 2012
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Is your organization tied up with extra work managing subscriptions and billing details? Are you having difficulty streamlining your operations? Since billing is the lifeblood of every business, why don't you start with optimizing that department. Azimio, one of the most comprehensive billing software platforms on the market is designed to substantially improve your billing processes and increase your revenues. Billing can be complex and time consuming. To streamline their operations, most organizations use spreadsheets or some homegrown programs. Unfortunately the cost of maintaining these systems is substantial not to mention, their inherit limitations. That is why Azimio is a better approach because with this simple, but comprehensive billing software platform your online billing services just got easier.

About the System

This system is an automated process of online billing, that helps your organization to manage your subscription and recurring billing. The system interfaces with your websites and other business applications (via API) to take care of all aspects of your billing, recurring billing and subscription management needs including notifications, invoices, dunning services and more. The manner in which you maintain and create catalogs is simplified. This solid and dependable service is designed to suit any form of operation. Your crucial and repetitive billing tasks can be performed with full automation using this billing software. This smart billing software has taken over the traditional billing systems, making operations smooth.

How It Works

The various components that comprise this billing software are projects, categories, customers, subscriptions, invoices and payments, coupons reports etc. You simply create your billing plan (or one off invoices), link your website for automatic sign ups, and watch Azimio handle your complete online billing services automatically. Your credit card processes are also managed effectively, where the customer is notified if there is an error on their card or if the card has expired. All of your recurring bills can be done in an organized and simple way. The system makes use of cutting edge technology to carry out these billing processes saving you time and money and ensuring you can scale your operations successfully.

A few reasons to try Azimio Billing Software include:

Notifications Dunning Management

Use Azimio's Dunning Emails functionality to easily send Dunning Emails to customers who have overdue Invoices. You can CC Dunning Emails to your Collections/Accounts Receivable department and you can even use the Terminate on Last Notification option to stop or cancel a Customer's subscription at the end of the Dunning Email series. The Notifications system also enables you to set up custom notifications based on event triggers.

Sophisticated Pricing Plans

You simply have unlimited products and plans in Azimio. You can even include basic pricing plans or the most elaborate and complex rate plans. Do you need to track specific units of measure for your billing purposes? Then use the Tracked Items feature to easily set up which units of measure the system should use for calculating billing for your billing various periods.

Change Subscriptions Anytime

This intuitive system enables you to upgrade/downgrade subscriptions in real-time. You can change customer subscriptions and the system automatically reconfigures and calculates charges going forward.

API's, Comprehensive, Tons of Tools to Help You

Take a look at the complete feature set on the left side of this page. Azimio designed specifically to help save you time and money.

Get Started or call us 877-624-7226 to get your free billing software

What You Need to Do

You can start by procuring a free account to check and understand the system's capability and functioning. The site gives you a live demonstration of its functioning, giving you a clearer picture of its process. You can also get a 30 day free trial account. The pricing details are specifically mentioned on the website. You can contact them personally and get all the necessary details of the online billing services. Their support centre is available 24/7; you can get started by taking their guidance.

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